Javascript Bot Tutorial (Discord.js) | Episode 1 | Basic Setup, Responding to Messages

The start of a series on making Discord Bots using the discord.js library and Discord’s API.
In this episode I teach the basic foundations of any bot and replying to specific messages.

Code found at my Github Page:…

| Video Sections |
Installing NodeJS (required to run your bot) – 0:12
Setting up a bot folder + IDE setup – 1:03
Creating the Bot User – 5:00
Code! – 9:21
Running Your Bot – 15:23
Introduction to https://discord.js.org18:23
Simple Commands – 19:15
Installing Nodemon (Restart the bot without closing the console) – 25:45
Conclusion and Final Notes – 27:22

| Video Credits |
Recording, editing, voice, and everything else – Rùbix
This video was basically created by Rùbix and no one else in the Code_Dragon team.

| Information |
– Creators of Code_Dragon –
Rùbix (Rùbix#9006)
Limitless (Limitless#4171)
Grzesiek (Grzesiek#5046)

Find us on the official Discord server:

We, and Rùbix especially are still experimenting with best ways to make videos and how to make them informative and concise, so any feedback or suggestions you have, even if it’s blatant criticism, I encourage you to voice it in the comments or our Discord Server.

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